Migration Amendment (Visa Application Charges) Regulations 2024

The Australian Government has issued the Migration Amendment (Visa Application Charges) Regulations 2024, which will come into effect on 1 July 2024. These regulations amend the Migration Regulations 1994 to implement the annual indexation of visa application charges (VACs) in line with the forecast Consumer Price Index (CPI) and the 2024-25 Budget Decision Visa Application Charge Uplift.

Key updates include:

  • The VACs for most visa categories will increase by 2.75% based on the 2024-25 CPI.
  • A significant one-off increase in VACs for Student (Temporary) visas, with the base application charge rising to $1,600, and additional applicant charges set at $1,190 for adults and $390 for minors.
  • The changes aim to align the cost of VACs with the value gained by visa holders, supporting sustainable migration growth and the integrity of Australia’s international education sector.

These adjustments ensure the continued efficiency and responsiveness of Australia’s visa program. For more information, visit the official Migration Strategy page on the Department of Home Affairs website.

Source: Migration-Amendment–Visa-Application-Charges-Regulations-2024.pdf and Migration-Amendment-Visa-Application-Charges-Regulations-2024-Explanatory-Statement.pdf