RSMS Programme Frozen in Perth

Following reports in the media we find that the government of Western Australia had apparently “frozen” the entire Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme in Perth.
This “freeze” was apparently made to implement a campaign promise that was made by Mark McGowan, who was elected as Premier of Western Australia on 11 March 2017.
In an article posted on 26 Jun 2017 by Migration Alliance colleague Ross Ahmadzi, it was reported that Prime Minister Turnbull has now written to Premier Magowan to confirm that the Federal Government has agreed to remove the Perth region from the RSMS visa programme.
The Western Australian government’s Website indicates that applications for the Perth region have indeed been frozen since 13 March 2017.
It would thus appear that the reported actions of the Western Australian government to freeze the RSMS programme in the Perth region , and the reported correspondence from Prime Minister Turnbull indicating that the Federal Government would “authorize” such a freeze may very possibly be “beyond power” (in legal terms “ultra vires”).
We will be posting further updates about this issue as developments warrant.

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