South Australia Extends Their Interim Allocation of BIIP and GSM into November

South Australia (along with a number of other States) have been given interim allocation numbers to continue to processing subclass Business Innovation & Investment Programs.  Full announcement of final allocations was expected to occur shortly after the delivery of the Federal Budget on 6 October 2020.

The State government confirmed that final allocation is unlikely to be released until November this year.

In the meantime, below is a summary of the interim nomination requirements.

Business Innovation & Investment

The allocation of interim 188 and 132 visa nominations provided to the Department for Innovation and Skills is intended to support the following high-level outcome of the:

State’s Business Innovation & Investment Program:

  • High quality business owners and entrepreneurs have created genuine and
  • sustainable business opportunities in South Australia that benefits the State’s
  • economy, local businesses and the workforce.

Intention to Apply and EOI will be considered for nomination based on the following objectives:

  • Attract significant investment into the South Australian economy
  • Increase employment in South Australia through the direct creation of jobs
  • Drive innovation to make South Australia more productive and competitive

State and Regional Migration

South Australia’s 190 and 491 visa nominations are subject to a quota. South Australia reserves the right to revise nomination eligibility criteria for these visa subclasses without notice.

As announced earlier, the Commonwealth Department of Home Affairs has identified critical sectors to support Australia’s COVID-19 public health response and economic recovery. Applicants who are nominating occupations in these sectors will be prioritised. This list of priority critical sectors may change over time. Applicants selecting ‘ANY’ state or territory or multiple states and territories (including South Australia) will be considered for nomination. If an applicant is living and working in outer regional South Australia, please email: to advise that an EOI has been lodged.

Missing or incorrect documentation may result in South Australian application being refused.

Applications will be assessed by South Australia within 6 to 8 weeks. Priority processing is not available, however if an applicant has an imminent visa expiry, South Australia will make every endeavour to assess the application before the visa expiry.

Further details can be found here: