Temporary Protection Visa/Safe Haven Enterprise Visa

On 21 May 2017, the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection has set a deadline for thousands of unauthorized maritime arrivals (UMAs) that they must lodge their Temporary Protection visa (TPV) or Safe Haven Enterprise visa (SHEV) application by 1 October 2017. We understand that around 7,500 UMAs who are yet to lodge their application and who do not lodge an application by 1 October 2017 are expected to leave Australia and will be banned from applying for any type of temporary or permanent visa in Australia. The Minister has indicated that the October 1 deadline is non-negotiable.

The Government further stated that any UMAs who have not lodged an application to have their claim for asylum assessed by the DIBP by that date will be deemed to have forfeited any claim to protection.

If they do not lodge a SHEV or TPV application by 1 October 2017, the UMAs will cease to receive Income support; and Rental assistance.Protection visas (subclass 866, TPV (Sub 785), SHEV (SUB 790) are highly complex and it is important to obtain professional legal advice to ensure your application has the nest possible chance of success.Content goes here

We can assist you to lodge a TPV or SHEV application before the 1 October 2017 deadline.

If you would like further information about applying for a Protection Visa ( subclass 866, TPV (Sub 785), SHEV (SUB 790):  please contact:  Mukesh Chand on: mukesh@shivasbiz.com  Tel: +61 417 839 409