Visa fee rebate for students and backpackers

Come on down’: Visa fee rebate for students and backpackers

Students and backpackers arriving in the country from today will receive a rebate on their visa application fee, according to Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Mr Morrison said the $630 fee would be rebated for students for the next eight weeks and backpackers for the next 12 weeks in an attempt to lessen the workforce shortage.

“And there are around 150,000 students who have visas who we are encouraging to come back to be there for the start of their university or college year and that is a thank you to them for coming back and continuing to choose Australia,” he said.

“We also want them to come here and be able to be filling some of these critical workforce shortages, particularly those who are working and being trained in healthcare, aged care, those types of sectors, that will be incredibly helpful.”