Working Holiday Maker Scheme under attack from the ACTU

I have just read the statement put out by the Australian Chamber-Tourism and was quite frankly, appalled to learn that the Unions would be applying strong pressure on a possible Labor Government to wind back the Working Holiday Maker Scheme.

Firstly, the only reason the ACTU would make this stupid announcement, and apply strong pressure to a Labor government (and not apply pressure to the the current government), is because the ACTU have little to no power to influence the current government.

The ACTU is so desperate for a Labor government. Labor leader, Bill Shorten is dirtily described by the current Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, as “union bred, union fed and union led” so there’s little doubt that the ACTU’s coffers will be wide open to Labor during the election campaign period. Now with that in mind, let’s have a look at the attack by the ACTU on Working Holiday Makers.

Australian Chamber-Tourism Executive Chair, John Hart has come out swinging against the ACTU, saying:
“the Working Holiday Maker Visa Program is not only a vital source of labour for the tourism sector, it is a vital source of tourism revenue, particularly in the regions.”

“Working Holiday Makers spend approximately two and half times more than they earn, and create over 25,000 jobs in the Australian economy.

“The ACTU’s proposals to cap numbers and abandon the second year of the Visa totally, ignore the benefits of the program and the importance of Working Holiday Makers to regional economies.”

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The ACTU are clearly blind to the common economic principles of supply and demand when it comes to Working Holiday makers taking up regional, rural and seasonal work. There are simply not enough Australian workers to fill those roles.

Working Holiday Makers are important for farming, agriculture, hospitality and tourism sectors.
My view is the ACTU is wrong on this one and I don’t support their views. I support the views of John Hart, as stated above, and in the source article below.

If you agree with me, please combat the weight of the ACTU against the Working Holiday Maker Scheme by contacting your Local Federal Member or Senator. Contact details are below:

Onward and upward to the Working Holiday Maker Scheme.